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The V Chamber

Developed in response to requests from steel erectors and concrete contractors, the patented Connect-EZ® V Chamber provides a secure mechanical connection for the erection of structural steel to concrete without the expense and uncertainty of field welding.

The interlocking chamber and bearing seat engage remotely, eliminating the need to manually connect the steel to the concrete. The result is reduced labor and equipment cost, as well as increased job site safety during steel erection. The Connect-EZ® V Chamber’s mechanical connection offers contractors and engineers increased confidence in the integrity of every connection. Further, third-party structural inspections can be conducted quickly and reliably.

The Connect-EZ® V Chamber transfers loads from the steel frame structure to the concrete structure in a fashion similar to the traditional embedded steel plate with studs. The structural engineer’s design of the studs to transfer loads from the Connect-EZ® V Chamber to a concrete section may be accomplished according to well-established methods available in Appendix D of ACI 318 and/or the PCI Design Handbook (the sections related to design of embedded steel plates and studs).

See the V Chamber product profile in Connector (p. 14), the magazine of the Steel Erectors Association of America. 

V Chamber Features

  • Cast integrally in tilt-up or cast-in-place structures in a fashion similar to the traditional embedded plate.
  • The interlocking bearing seat is fabricated with slotted holes allowing up to 2 inches of lateral tolerance.
  • The chamber and bearing seat engage remotely, eliminating the manual connection the need for a welder on scaffolding or a hydraulic lift.
  • Productivity rates of 3.5 minutes per erected steel member are routinely achieved in the field.

Safety Assured

To understand the behavior and capacity of the Connect-EZ® system, a series of load tests (up to 75,000 pounds gravity load) were conducted at the University of Cincinnati in March 2011, on 12-by-12-inch devices. The test apparatus allowed application of lateral load simultaneously with gravity, pullout, or uplift loads that were transferred from the bearing-seat to the V Chamber and from the V Chamber to 4-inch diameter steel studs.


On a recent project, Nielsen Builders used the Connect-EZ® V joist-to-panel connection system.

“We had an agreement with the steel erector that we would split any savings. We shared $16,000 labor savings! Using the innovative V saved everyone time and money. We intend to use these products on every project from here on. The numbers speak for themselves! GREAT innovative products that just make sense!” 

 – Mark Stroupe Nielsen Builders, Inc., Harrisonburg, VA

“As structural engineers of building systems, we have concerns about the quality of field welding on critical structural elements such as the roof to wall and wall to foundation connections. Since field welding is not required for the V connections, the issue is eliminated. I personally observed the load test for the V joist hanger and was impressed with the robustness of the elements.”

– Jeff Needham, president, Needham/DBS