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The Connect-EZ® Story

AdvanConn Made in the USA

With the construction industry facing a critical shortage of skilled labor, competent welders are harder than ever to find. That’s why Connect-EZ® has created a series of shop-welded connection devices that eliminate welding in the field, speed construction and reduce the need for skilled labor on-site. In our state-of-the-art welding shop, our talented team – including two robotic welders – makes expert connection products, which are tested to the highest standards, for the tilt-up construction industry.

Connect-EZ® Products

PA-12 & PA-18

The Connect-EZ® PA-12 and PA-18 weldless panel-to-foundation connections are installed on inside face of panel and eliminate pour-back strips.


The Connect-EZ® PA-EX is the low-profile tilt-up panel-to-foundation connection galvanized for exterior use.

Column Socket

TheConnect-EZ® OSHA-compliant Column Socket improves floor slab quality and speeds steel erection.


  • “Great, innovative products that just make sense!”

    Mark Stroupe
    Ram Tool
  • “It’s impossible to hire enough qualified people to the current work completed. I am constantly looking for labor-saving products. Column Sockets are one of the products I utilize to do just that. They save me time and money.”

    AdvanConn Testimonials - Larry Wilderotter
    Larry Wilderotter
    Bedrock Concrete (Sayreville, NJ)
  • “We estimate by using the Column Sockets we save labor hours for every column.”

    Marcus Goss
    Goss Foundations (Altamonte Springs, FL)
  • “The fact that it saves time and money is just a bonus.”

    Preston Rothwell
    Preston Rothweil
    Midwest Tilt-Up, Kansas City, Missouri
  • “As structural engineers of building systems, we have concerns about the quality of field welding on critical structural elements such as the roof to wall and wall to foundation connections. Since field welding is not required for the PA nor the V connections, the issue is eliminated.”

    Karen Hand, P.E.
    President, Needham DBS Lenexa, Kansas