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Since the introduction of the American Concrete Institute’s (ACI) code requirement (ACI 318 ('08) sub-paragraph B) to provide a pair of minimum 10,000 lbs. tension connections between concrete wall panels and foundations, engineers have struggled to find a connection solution that was simple to design and detail, and economical to fabricate and install in the field. The CONNECT-EZ™ Panel Anchor (“PA") has met the challenge!

The standard CONNECT-EZ™ “PA” (pictured left) satisfies design criteria for SDC "A" through "F" and can be modified to meet specific conditions for overturning forces due to wind loads.

The device may be installed, with the approval of the Engineer of Record, using Simpson Strong-Tie, ¾” dia., Titen HD screw anchor with a 6-3/4" minimum nominal embedment depth in normal weight concrete. (See Simpson Strong-Tie letter below) The cavity feature of the device insures that concrete anchor is installed to within 6 degrees perpendicular of the connected concrete surface as required by anchor test and qualification criteria of ACI 355.2

CONNECT-EZ Panel Anchor Cover

An optional plastic “snap-on” cover plate is available to provide a clean, finished appearance to the interior wall surface.

PA without Cover
PA Cover,
PA Cover Installed,



  • ELIMINATES FIELD WELDING connections of concrete panels to foundation
    • BETTER QUALITY connection
    • INSPECTIONS are conducted QUICKLY and RELIABLY

  • Connections are made from INSIDE the building
    • NO exterior PATCHING
    • REDUCED exposure to CORROSION
    • FASTER, SAFER drilling and installation of anchor bolts

  • ENGINEERS may choose to incorporate the CONNECT-EZ™ Panel Anchor as a “standard detail” for most concrete wall panel designs…saving design and detailing time.

Code Compliant:

  • CONNECT-EZ™ "PA" satisfies ACI Code requirements (ACI 318 ('08') sub-paragraph B) for 10,000 LBS. nominal tension capacity for the connection of concrete panels to foundations. It may be installed using Simpson Strong-Tie, 3/4" dia., Titen HD screw anchor with 6-3/4" minimum nominal embedment depth in normal weight concrete, with approval of the engineer of record.
  • CONNECT-EZ™ "PA" satisfies design criteria for SDC "A" through "F" and can be modified to meet specific conditions for overturning forces due to wind loads.
  • CONNECT-EZ™ "PA" insures that concrete anchors are installed within 6 degrees perpendicular to the connected concrete surface as required per anchor test and qualification criteria of ACI 355.2.

Engineering; Structural Calculations:

January 7, 2014

RE: Simpson Strong-Tie® Titen HD® Screw Anchor for the CONNECT-EZ™ PA Panel Anchor

To Whom It May Concern,

Simpson Strong-Tie supports the use of the ¾ inch diameter, 10 inch long Titen HD screw anchor (model no. THD75100H) installed at a minimum 6-inch nominal embedment depth with the CONNECT-EZ Panel Anchor (PA) when conforming to the detail shown in Enclosure No. 1.

A 6-inch nominal anchor embedment depth in uncracked, normal weight concrete with a minimum specified compressive strength of 2,500 psi results in a nominal anchor tension strength (Nn) not less than 10,000 lbs. which satisfies the requirements of ACI 318, Sec. for a single tie. Hole drilling procedures, hole preparation, and Titen HD anchor installations must be performed in accordance with Simpson Strong-Tie’s published installation instructions. Project conditions and installation must also comply with the following additional provisions:

  1. All concrete must be normal weight and have a compressive strength not exceeding 8,000 psi at the time of anchor installation.
  2. The Design Professional in responsible charge of the design shall have determined that it is permissible for post-installed anchor design to be based on uncracked concrete service conditions.
  3. The distance between the centerline of any ¾ inch Titen HD screw anchor and any concrete edge shall not be less than 7 inches, and the centerline-to-centerline spacing of adjacent Titen HD screw anchors shall not be less than 14 inches.

The information in this letter is valid until 12/31/2014 when it will be re-evaluated by Simpson Strong-Tie. Please visit for additional pertinent information. If you have questions or need further assistance regarding this matter, please contact the Simpson Strong-Tie engineering department at 800.999.5099.


What people are saying about CONNECT-EZ™...

"CONNECT-EZ™ makes Meyer Bros' building projects faster, safer and more competitive. The steel erector on a recent tilt-up project reported significant labor savings during erection. And the structural steel inspector was pleased that he could conduct visual inspections safely from the ground and the connections reduced field welding. We look forward to using CONNECT-EZ™ on future projects."

- Mark Meyer, President, Meyer Bros Building Co


"At Star, we erect our own steel on construction projects. Using the CONNECT-EZ™ system saved us labor time during the erection process. We saved man hours by having one person making two connections at the same time both safely and securely.

CONNECT-EZ™ will be used on future projects for our company. Anytime a product or method comes along to help increase productivity, while maintaining safety and extending value to the customer cannot be overlooked. We look forward to using CONNECT-EZ™ in the future"

- Kim Mulder, President, STAR Design-Build Contractors


"The Connect-EZ™ PA connection was an excellent choice for TCC Bahamas. Initial design, using welded and bolted panel to footing connections, was a costly option, both monetarily and in time. The EZ connection system made for a quick and seamless installation, with very minimal supervision and coordination necessary. Always keeping an eye on the bottom dollar, this was a win-win for us."

- Kyle J. Bullock, LEED AP, Project Manager, TCC Bahamas, Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas


"As an architect and professional member of the construction team for numerous commercial building projects throughout the country, I recognize the simplicity of the CONNECT-EZ™ devices. I also appreciate the labor-saving value they bring to the contractor as well as the building owner. CONNECT-EZ™ offers designers an efficient alternative to field welding many critical connections. The devices lend themselves to quick and reliable inspections. I am pleased to see the introduction of the CONNECT-EZ™ products into our industry.

- James C. Hawthorn,  Registered Architect


"Not having to do any field welding makes the whole process faster and safer."

- Channing Chism, Lead Foreman, Summit Concrete, Lee's Summit, MO


"Working from the inside of the building on the concrete floor sure made the job faster and easier."

- Manoah Harbottle, Superintendent, Summit Concrete, Lee's Summit, MO


"With the introduction of Appendix D in ACI 318, the anchorage at the base has become much more complicated and stringent. The PA connection increases the effective edge distance for a post installed anchor solution. A traditional base connection with post installed anchors may require additional footing width that would not be required with the PA connection saving time and material."

- Jeff Needham, President-Owner, Needham/DBS

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